Welcome to Day 2 of the EQ assessment giveaway week. Again, today I will be giving away an SEI EQ assessment from Six Seconds valued at 175 USD. Yesterday’s lucky reader is based in Bulgaria. Congratulations!

The SEI is a Level B Psychometric test which means that the Development or Leadership Report that you choose as your prize requires a debrief by a trained professional, “Hello! That would still be me!” and guess what? I am still throwing in the debrief for free. It can either be in person if we happen to be geographically juxtaposed or alternatively we can SKYPE.

All you have to do is leave your contact details in the Contact form below and in the comments piece just write a few words why you would like to win the SEI and of course click FOLLOW on my blog 🙂 The comments do not remain visible on the site and are received only by me via email. SO if your need is a sensitive one, you can rest assured that it will remain confidential between the two of us.

I give you my absolute promise I will not try to sell you anything from my blog.

There are a few prerequisites! The offer is limited to individuals located in the Central Eastern European Region.

The SEI tool is not yet translated in most of the CEE languages (that’s a work in progress :-)) so it is required that your English is of an appropriate level. The Debrief and the chosen report will be in English.

Today’s assessment will be awarded from all those that leave their details from Midday to Midnight (CET) on the 11th September.  Good Luck and click follow to receive automatic updates throughout the week.

Here’s some more information about the Six Seconds organisations SEI for you to consider prior to your success in the above 🙂

The SEI is a scientifically validated, practical measure of emotional intelligence with an action-oriented model designed to support people to use and improve their EQ skills. Built on the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence, the SEI is unusual in that where other tools provide a diagnosis, SEI provides a framework for action.As Six Seconds like to say “Emotional Intelligence for Positive Change!”

The SEI assesses the 8 EQ competencies that drive people-performance. What is your level of emotional intelligence? Where are your strengths and how do you apply them? What weaknesses are blocking your people-performance and how do you develop?

Dont just take my word for it read what they have to say! You’ll find it here.

I will be donating the Development Report or the Leadership Report version of the SEI. You’ll find more information on these and other reports here!