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Ricky Goodman worked in Corporate multinational organizations for over 20 years, primarily in Central & Eastern European Senior Finance roles.

He has direct work experience in more than 20 countries and across several industries. Despite his ability with numbers his passion has always been for the people side of business and life. Training in Personal Development, and then qualifying as a life coach, Ricky discovered that Emotional Intelligence seemed to underpin success in leadership, management, teamwork, well-being and happiness. He made his career switch to follow his passion and decided to dedicate the next phase of his life to passing on EQ skills. Positive Living s.r.o. and the EQYou initiative were formed in 2011 to be the vehicle for that purpose. Ricky is qualified in three established EQ assessment tools. He is a part of the Six Seconds Preferred Partner Alliance

When asked to describe himself he states “I am a catalyst for the potential of others.”

Ricky has co-authored on self-awareness in a book targeted at business women. ISBN-10 0983843910 ISBN-13 978-0983843917

Ricky can be reached at

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